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.Our Superiorit

1.SPGnux Systems have been identified as national key products.

2.The systems have been recorded on the procurement list of central organs.

3.The company has signed software license agreement with large-scale computer suppliers.

4.The systems have more than ten minority language versions.

5.The company has obtained 27 Copyright registration certificates of computer software.

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.Products Exhibition

SPGnux Desktop V8.0

SPGnux-8 is a desktop operating system which is based on 3.8 kernel, employs KDE 4.8 desktop environment,and provides multiple languages environment. It has brand new package management mechanism, through graphical interface software manager, it can download, install, update and uninstall software.

SPGnux Desktop V7.0

Designed with low memory footprint, the system resources of SPGnux V7.0 will engage less memory space, which highly makes much progress in its performance.SPGnux-Server-3 is capable to run fast in Inter and x86 of ADM, it’s also compatible for almost all the external devices(some of them may need drivers ) in the current market.

SPGnux Desktop 2010

SPGnux V2010 keeps promoting security function integration, provides users with the enterprise-level performance and reliability so that businesses can operate continuously.